kahs senior awards night banner in auditorium

KAHS Senior Awards Night 2017

KASD Ed Foundation board members Benjamin Haas and Steve Fenstermacher were thrilled to present 23 graduating KAHS Seniors on May 17 with awards totaling over $16,500.  Awards were presented in many areas of study and excellence including scholarship, language, sports, music and community participation. Many awards were presented in honor of loved ones after whom the awards were originally named. …

the boy who just kept drawing

Kay Haring Book Signing

KAY HARING Author of Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing KMS Assembly — May 5, 2017 Keith, Kay and their sisters Karen and Kristen all attended grades K-12 at KASD. Coming from an artistic family, Kay did her fair share of sketching and drawing while growing up, but found expressing herself with words more…