Donations to KASD Education Foundation

Each dollar given builds additional opportunities to advance the Foundation’s mission on behalf of Kutztown Area School District students. No gift is too small, and each is valued as a gesture of partnership for the benefit of KASD students.

If you would like to request further information on how you can help enhance educational opportunities for KASD students, or if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please fill out the contact form below.

There are Several Ways to Donate

Products and Services

Gifts of products and services help reduce operating costs so Foundation Funds can be allocated towards other mission objectives and goals.

Monetary Gifts

Gifts can be allocated, per the donor’s wishes, as follows:

  • Foundation FundThis fund supports the Foundation’s operations and is used for the Board of Directors to fund new programs and educational opportunities as they arise.
  • Inspiration Garden – This project will turn a grassy area at the east end of Kutztown High School near the stadium into a place of inspiration and reflection for everyone who visits. The project will include a large mural and a small park with information placards containing quotes and stories.
  • Innovative ProjectsThe KASD Education Foundation provides funding for innovative projects which supplement existing school activities. Supporting initiatives at all grade levels has been a priority of the Foundation.
  • Blue and White ScholarshipThis Foundation-run scholarship is given to a graduating senior with good academic standing and good character, who represents the high school in a positive manner, and is involved in school and community activities.
  • Annual Memorial AwardThis Foundation-run award is given to a graduating senior in memory of your loved one. Memorial dollars are aggregated to provide this annual award, giving the donor(s) and the Foundation an opportunity to publicly honor the individual(s), with recognition during that year’s annual KAHS Awards Ceremony.
  • Other Existing Scholarship or Award – Donations can be given to other existing scholarships or awards. Descriptions of how those awards are determined are included on the Scholarship page of the website.
  • New Named Scholarship – A new scholarship or award can be created by the donor. The Foundation is required to have a fiduciary responsibility for the donations it oversees. Therefore, a minimum of $1000 and a minimum balance to cover three years of the award are required. Such donations are not invested for growth.

Larger Monetary Donations

In addition to the options listed above, gifts of $20,000 or larger may be allocated, per the donor’s choices, as an ongoing scholarship. Donor funds are invested per our investment policy to provide an ongoing scholarship in one of two ways:

  • Distribution of set dollar amount – A donor-specified amount is awarded annually, until the funds are exhausted.
  • Distribution of the annual interest – A donor-specified amount, not to be below a stated minimum nor to exceed a maximum, which the donor specifies.

Interested in making a donation?

You can help KASD students by making a tax-deductible donation today.


If you would like to request further information on how you can help enhance educational opportunities for our students, or if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please fill out the contact form below. A board member will respond to your request. Thank you!

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